Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Oops! (And thank God!!!)

Dr. Hurvitz just called Nicole with the final test results. Apparently, the preliminary report was wrong. What is the percentage of blast cells left in Ben's bone marrow?


Sorry for the scare! Needless to say, we are incredibly relieved. There is still a long road ahead, but things are looking good. We'll see the doctors again on Friday, so we should have more to report then.

I'll post some more when I can, but I am at work trying to get some things done.


Uncle Chris said...

Praise God. All the prayers are working. Love you Ben, I'm looking forward to when we can rough house again.

Madeline said...

Dear Ben
I hope you feel better and hope
you come back to school soon.
I miss you.
Elizabeth Feirstein

Jeffrey said...

Wow- amazing news. Glad to hear it, Scott.

Annette, Robin and James Mayorkas said...


We think about you, David, your mom and dad every single day. We are so glad to hear the preliminary reports are wrong!!!!! You are loved by so many. You are a special person with a remarkable family.

alex said...

RL, so happy to check in and read the news. ZERO !!! That is Awesome. Great news.

Aunt Stefanie said...


Zero?! Well, you and David have always been over-achievers (especially in huggability)! As we say in these parts, BARUCH HASHEM!

I can't wait to see you soon!

Aunt Stefanie