Friday, May 18, 2007

Waking up

Everything went well this morning. He's waking up and is looking forward to some lunch! We should be back in the room in 15 minutes or so. No official word yet, but we believe we will be discharged today.

Ben says: "I'm going home!"


Jacob said...

Hi Ben,
It's Coach Snyder from Turning Point School. I know you're such a hard worker and incredibly brave. I'm sure that is why you hope to be going home soon. Right now I'm thinking of how fast you're feet move on the gym floor and am really looking forward to seeing them (and the rest of you) back here as soon as you can.
I miss your smile.


danny porter said...


Jenna and I are thinking about
you and wish the best.

We miss you in PE.
This week we are doing hockey!!

Coach Porter and Jenna (daughter)

Bill said...


We are praying for a quick recovery for you! When you are all better you will have to come to Arizona and stay at our resort and go down the waterslide!

Your friends at the Arizona Biltmore!

olsenaz said...

Ben -

Your grandma Helen told me about your visit to the hospital. I sure hope you feel better soon.

Grandma Helen and I have been friends for a very long time, and I now live in Florida, near where Mickey Mouse lives.

I think you should get better quickly and have grandma bring you to visit me and Mickey!

Hope you are feeling better.

Keep smiling,

Pat Olsen

Bill said...

Good Afternoon Ben!

Your Grandma Helen (you may know her by another name but I know her as Helen and also the Brede Bag Lady) is a very dear friend of mine. You must be a pretty special kid because your grandmother is such a special lady. She has told me so much about you and your family! When she told me you were not feeling well and to review your blog I immediately logged on. I loved the comment your dad made about how you don’t need anymore Ben 10 stuff, now why would he say such a thing? Do you really have all of the alien figures?? My son Leo who is almost 4 years old loves Ben 10! I am on the hunt for when they come out with T-shirts so I can buy him one. I know they make shoes but I have yet to find them. I hope things went well today and you get to go home soon. I have a feeling you will. Have your grandma bring you by the Arizona Biltmore on your next visit so I can meet you.

Take care,
Alex Moro
Associate Director of Sales
Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa