Thursday, May 31, 2007

Thank you, Turning Point!

We've received lots of support and encouragement from many sources, but one of the best definitely is our kids' school. (If you don't know anything about it and are interested, check out It's not just a place where Ben and David are getting a great education, but it's also a community where we've met lots of great new friends.

The teachers are just terrific. David's teacher, Mrs. Beals, has been giving us daily reports on how David is doing. Other teachers, including several who have not had either of our kids in their class, have been sending little gifts and notes of encouragement to Ben and getting their classes to do the same. Ben got a great card from his own K-1 class when he was in the hospital, he got a neat book put together by another K-1 class, and yesterday (as many of you may have seen) another K-1 class posted comments on this blog for Ben to read. This is in addition to lots of e-mails and other stuff.

And other parents have been great too. They are feeding us constantly (delivering meals to the house more than once a week) and giving us lots of support. It's really been great. So thanks to everyone in the Turning Point community! We really, really appreciate everything you've been doing for Ben and for us.

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