Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Treatment, Part II

Here is some information on some of the chemotherapy drugs they are giving Ben. Unfortunately, I have not figured out whether and how I can post the information sheets they gave us at the hospital, so I am posting links to some web sites with information on the drugs. Many of these sites do not appear to be designed for laypersons; I've tried to pick ones non-doctors can read (the first is the least reader-friendly). (Remember that you get what you pay for with this blog! :) )

Intrathecal Cytarabine: http://www.rxmed.com/b.main/b2.pharmaceutical/b2.1.monographs/CPS-%20Monographs/CPS-%20(General%20Monographs-%20C)/CYTARABINE%20INJECTION.html



PEG Asparaginase:

Intrathecal Methotrexate:

He also gets antibiotics and various drugs intended to control side effects. Not sure what all of them are, but he gets Zantac to protect his stomach, something else to protect his kidneys, and others too.

I probably won't post the actual protocol unless someone really wants to see it. But here is a good article on chemotherapy in general:


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