Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Some Great News

No guarantees, but our oncologist just told us that Ben may be able to go home as early as Friday! He is doing great.

I found out what "pre-B" is and will take a crack at describing it in plain English later.


Stefanie Pearson said...


(And as to why so many people like Ben, it's clearly because he's one of the two most delicious kids in recorded history - the other being David, of course.)

Deborah said...

Go Ben! That's fantastic news! So good to hear! Deb Barack

Cousins Christina and Catherine said...

Dear Benjamin,
I love you AND I love you so much Benjamin.. You'll never know.
Catherine (5)
Hi Ben,
I hope you have a good day and you don't get sick ever, ever again. I hope the "hosibal" makes you better. I hope you have a great day in the "hosible". I love you.
Love, Christina (5)

Cousins Christina and Catherine said...

Hi Ben,
We want you to know that a lot of people love you so very much!! (Did that make you smile?) Christina and Catherine were so excited to see you on Saturday. Would you believe that they talked about you and their visit to see you for 1 1/2 hours!!!! On the way home, it was all about you too!!!!

We also want you to know that our family prays for you every day. We are so, so happy to hear that you are getting better!!

Keep smiling and winning those computer games!
Auntie Barbara

Gail & Stan said...

Dear Ben,
We know with your strength and determination (Pearson traits), you will do fine.
We hope that you will be able to go home soon and enjoy the love of your family.
We love you all the way across the country.
Love, Aunt Gail & Uncle Stanley

joy said...

Ben...You are so tough and such a trooper! We know you will get through this rough time. We hope you can catch all of the hugs and kisses we have been sending your way. Ask your dad if a Flyers and/or Rangers Jersey would suffice. :) We love you!!! With lots of love, Joy, Joel and Carson xoxoxox

Scott said...

Flyers are OK, and even Rangers as long as it's Avery. :)

jackie said...

Dear Ben,

Uncle Bill and I are praying for your speedy and complete recovery.

We know how BRAVE and DETERMINED you are to beat this villian disease and come out the CHAMPION we know you to be.

Keep up the good fight and lean on the support of all who are praying for you and love you.

We hope you come home soon.

Aunt Jackie and Uncle Bill